History and Background

In 1965, Rodney Claude Bryant, was working for Mossop and Son Leather Tannery in Rondebosch, with his father, Eric Percy 'Dick' Bryant who was Fitter and Turner and later an Engineer at Mossops; Uncle, Claude Bryant who was in charge of the Leather Splitting Department; Grand Father, Arthur Claude Bryant who was Factory Manager and was later joined by brother Richard Bryant on the Sales and Marketing side. Even his sister, Sandy, (then a school-girl) sold leathers in the factory shop on the weekends. It was often joked that the company was called "Bryant and Sons". Rodney studied Leather Technology at LIRI in Grahamstown and returned as an understudy to Tony Mossop with regards to new developments and leather finishing.

In the late 60's Mossop and Sons was looking to amalgamate with Wellington Tannery. Rodney had just started playing Rugby for Western Province and therefore could not live in Wellington and commute, so he resigned. At that time, Robert Renaut of Suedene in Wellington asked him to join as a Sales Representative for the Cape Town area, which he accepted.

Suedene, then also represented a company in Durban called A.Greenaways, which was owned by Des O'Connor. They supplied Buckles and Trims to the footwear industry. The company had been purchased many years before from Mr. Arthur Greenaways. (This is where the company got its name)

After about 2 years, Des decided he wanted to move down to Cape Town, and open a branch here - which he did. The intention was to take Rodney on as a Sales Representative in Cape Town, with Suedene as an agency. Mr. Renaut accepted and so Rodney joined A.Greenaways in Cape Town.

In 1976, Rodney purchased the Cape Town branch from Des O'Connor.

The company in Kwazulu-Natal, was purchased by Garth K. Ribbink in 1975, who still owns it today. His son, Shaun Lee Ribbink, joined in the mid 90's and took over as head of the Sales Department.

And finally, on September 20th, 1999, his son, Nicholas Rodney Bryant, joined the Cape Town company in Sales.

The company has grown from strength to strength over its 40 years, and the product base on offer has broadened. It now supplies a great deal of knowledge across a wide spectrum of products designed for the Belt, Bag, Footwear, Upholstery, Automotive and Tarpaulin Industries. Materials are supplied from local South African factories wherever possible, as well as from overseas companies.

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